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Curl Exclusive

All services provided at Brooklyn's Curl Suite are genderless, ageless, and non-discriminatory. Clients of any race, age, and identity are welcomed and respected. I do not double book appointments. I thank each of you for trusting me with your beloved crown of curls.


Foundations $250

Foundations is an all-inclusive service designed to introduce new clients (or existing clients who need a refresher) to curl care. Following a consultation covering your specific hair goals, styling routine, and lifestyle, you’ll be given a custom curl cut and a relaxing cleanse with curl-friendly products tailored to your needs. Once your hair is perfectly sculpted, Brooklyn will guide you through caring for and styling your own hair with your own hands. 


All clients will leave with written hair care instructions to enable them to succeed at home, along with a list of product recommendations, a set of before and after photos for reference, and a gift bag of complimentary curl care tools. Foundations clients will also receive 10% off any recommended products they decide to purchase during their appointment.

To book this appointment, please go to the New Client tab to fill out an application.


Express $70

An Express Service is available to existing clients and includes EITHER a dry maintenance cut (think a quick trim that doesn’t change current hair shape) OR a cleanse and custom curl styling, perfect for special events, date nights, or self-care days. If you would like to add a cut to your color or treatment appointment, please add an Express Service. If you would like BOTH a cut and a style independent of other services, please select the Curly Cut.


Custom Cut $110

This is a full curl-shaping and cleansing service for existing clients who book services within 12 to 16 weeks. Clients will leave with a beautiful new cut styled to perfection, with accompanying styling tips and product recommendations

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Enhance $165

The Enhance service is a hair lightening service for existing clients looking for low-maintenance, minimal-coverage color, or would like to tone and refresh an existing partial lightening treatment. Think face-framing strands, minimal highlights, or natural color at the ends of the hair. This service includes basic lightening and toning, a curl cleanse, and custom styling with care tips and product recommendations.

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Illuminate $330

The Illuminate is a lightening service for existing clients seeking a low-maintenance, noticeable color change. Think balayage, ombre, or change in color tone. This service includes a partial lightening and toning, cleansing, and custom styling with care tips and product recommendations.


Elevate $440

This is a full foil lightening service in all tones for existing clients seeking a complete color change from root to tip, requiring moderate maintenance. This service includes full lightening and toning, cleansing, and custom styling with care tips and product recommendations.


Preserve $165

Preserve is a color service for existing clients to refresh blonde toning, refresh previously colored hair, change hair to a darker color, or touch-up root growth. This service includes coloring and toning, cleansing, and custom styling with care tips and product recommendations


Revive $110

This is a spa service for existing clients with thirsty curls in need of repair and rejuvenation. Curl health begins at the scalp, and your spa day does too, with a relaxing scalp massage and treatment. Luxuriate in the reparative benefits of collagen peptides in under-eye masks while a repair mask strengthens your hair. A hydration treatment completes this trio, infusing your curls with much-needed moisture, the perfect answer to a long, dry winter (or the dehydrating effects of air conditioning and salty sea water in summer). Finished with a custom professional styling.


Virtual Curl Chat $75

Virtual Curl Chats are for any and all clients in need of advice. Clients struggling after their Curl Foundations appointment, experiencing changes in hair health or texture, seeking a care routine that better accommodates their lifestyle, or who are unable to schedule an in-person service are encouraged to schedule a consultation. This service includes 30 minutes of one-on-one time with Brooklyn, tailored to address the client’s individual needs.


Virtual Curl Hunter $110

Curl Hunter is the answer to every curly who has asked the question, “Why isn’t there a curl specialist near me?” Long-distance clients now have the option of booking a one-hour consultation with Brooklyn to discuss their hair needs and find a local qualified curl specialist who can address them. Clients will fill out a Curl Hunter Questionnaire ahead of their appointment to explain their hair goals and what they seek in a stylist. During the consultation Brooklyn will work with the client to better define their individual requirements, then guide through making an informed choice from a list of stylists in their area.

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