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Curl Suite


LUXURY experience



Brooklyn Moran

Embracing my hair has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. Wherever you are in your curl journey, I’m here to help you navigate it.


Like so many curlies, I spent years trying to “tame” my curly hair. You remember the 2000s? Yeah, wet to straight irons had a chokehold on all of us. If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t leave the house without spending at least an hour wiping sweat from your eyes while you wrangled a heat tool, you’re not alone. Even after receiving my cosmetology license in 2014, I hadn’t considered that there was a better way until, late for a party one night, desperate to beat my hair into a “manageable” shape, my partner said, “You’re a hairstylist! Is there seriously not anything out there on how to style curly hair?”


That night I started researching, and guess what? Curl care is out there! It may not be mainstream, it may not be taught in standard curriculum, but healthy, beautiful hair can happen for us, too! In 2018 I began actively expanding on my education. I’ve both taken and taught courses in curly hair all over the country, and I’ve learned more than just how to take care of curls – I’ve learned how to accept and love myself. Curl care is as much about proper products and routines as it is about becoming your own biggest fan, enthusiastically embracing your own identity, and valuing your authentic self. I found my true passion in curly hair, and sharing the confidence it’s given me has propelled my career.


In 2022 I opened Brooklyn’s Curl Suite to help other curlies access the freedom that comes with embracing their own hair. In my suite you’re in a safe, inclusive, educational space, where the only priority is you. I’m committed to expanding my knowledge, both cultural and technical, in order to give you the tailored, luxury experience you deserve. However you walk in, it’s my hope that you’ll walk out feeling beautiful, loved, and seen.

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Brooklyn's Curl Suite is literal perfection! As a mom of two I take my time to get my curls cut as a much needed "me" time and Brooklyn delivers! Not only is her space beautiful, but it is so, so relaxing. Brooklyn cateres to the needs of her clients and their curls with the most respect and knowledge. I always feel so recharged and confident leaving her space, but never want it to end. My sanity and curls thank you, Brooklyn, for creating the most wonderful, curly hair specific space I could ask for!



After receiving botched haircuts my entire life and being told it’s the texture of my hair’s fault, I saw Brooklyn for a life-changing hair transformation. She honored my curl pattern and helped bring it to life. My confidence and love for my hair has increased ten fold and I’m so happy! She also provided detailed instructions for me to replicate my new hair style at home and continue nourishing my corkscrew curls. This was almost 3 years ago and I still won’t see anyone else but Brooklyn! Her fun personality makes the experience even better. An all around amazing experience at Brooklyn’s curl suite! Highly recommend.


I have worked with Brooklyn for over 2 years. She is an expert with the curls! She is responsive to my questions, concerns, and suggestions when I present them, and she never disappoints. If you have never worked with a curl specialist, do not delay. Her client education session was so enlightening and helped me further understand how to care for my hair type with proper product and how to use them. Choose Brooklyns Curl Suite, you won't be disappointed.

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